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A fruit orchard is an often overlooked addition to many people’s gardens. In time past, it had been so essential. Fruit is often one of the most expensive grocery store purchases, and is also the least likely to offer a discount coupon. More and more of us are returning to the way our grandparents lived, either due to the wonderful tug of memory or out of sheer financial necessity.

Back during the Great Depression, my family didn’t have much money to spend on sweets. Due to this, adults and children alike headed for the orchard or the watermelon patch or sat on the porch eating honey that came from Grandpa’s beehives. The kids went through a lot of fruit each year to help satisfy their sweet tooth. Today, when young people are more geared toward cola and candy bars, trying to get them to be satisfied with peaches and apples might prove challenging.

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Parents who are trying to train their kids to choose a healthy diet (or adults who are just trying to cut back on junk food,) will often turn to growing their own fruit. Non-GMO, (preferably all Organic,) better tasting, and totally free, this is a hard combination to beat. And having it available just a few steps from your door is an added bonus. Whether you intend to plant one tree or many, it is time to get started!

This is a book for the serious homesteader, the weekend gardener, and the “professional amateur.” It is even for the city dweller who never got his hands dirty in his life (and probably never will,) yet has always dreamed of a place in the country and a garden of his own. Anyone who has ever reminisced about the satisfying way their grandparents lived and the simplicity of it all will want to read this book.

DOWNLOAD your copy of this Ebook now!  $20.00

FRUIT TREES, BERRIES, AND GRAPES:  The Joy Of Foraging At Home comes loaded with beautiful, full-color photographs, and will take the “trial and error” out of your fruit growing endeavor. The book covers Apple, Peach, Plum, Cherry, and Pear Trees, as well as Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and both Green and Purple Grapes. The importance of choosing the right plants and trees, the correct planting location, and providing the proper care cannot be overemphasized. And the work has been done for you here!

So, welcome to my garden, my memories, and the joy they have brought me.

Susan R. Godden

DOWNLOAD your copy of this Ebook now!  $20.00