Welcome To My Garden, My Memories, And The Joy They Have Brought Me.

Welcome To My Garden, My Memories, And The Joy They Have Brought Me.



Growing up, I had the advantage of being taught country skills by country people:

  • Making a garden

  • Planting a tree

  • Foraging for wild foods

  • Cooking from scratch

  • And predicting the weather by looking at the sky

These and many other skills that today’s society has forgotten were kept alive by them. They knew of no other way to live.

These “get those hands dirty” country people were my own family members. The way they lived in such harmony with the outdoors appealed to the natural hunter/gatherer in me. From the time I was young I watched, listened, and worked side by side with them. They taught me well! And digging through at least 45 years’ worth of my handwritten and typed notes, I am grateful that I recorded these wonderful times that live now only in my memory.

This is a blog for the serious homesteader, the weekend gardener, and the “professional amateur.” It is even for the city dweller who never got his hands dirty in his life (and probably never will,) yet has always dreamed of a place in the country and a garden of his own. Anyone who has ever reminisced about the satisfying way their grandparents lived and the simplicity of it all will want to read this blog.

Through the information I share with you here, in a sense, you are able to watch over my shoulder as I work. So, welcome to my garden, my memories, and the joy they have brought me.

Susan R. Godden

This blog is Dedicated with affection to the Memory of all of my garden-loving family members who showed me how to live in harmony with The Good Earth.